California on 35mm Film! California is a beautiful state to explore, but even better when you take a 35mm Canon AE1 along for the ride!

Shooting digital was how photography started for me, like most of us… we pick up a digital camera and shoot automatic, once we feel comfortable we start shooting in Manual mode and our skill set develops as we learn more about shutter speed, aperture, ISO etc. But what happens when we find ourselves wanting to explore more options when it comes to photography? We try Film.

I love using 35mm film for travel photography, this was the first time I had EVER used 35mm film and I was blown away! The results were far beyond what I expected, the film I used was Kodak Ektar with an ISO of 100 and a UV filter on my lens.

When you choose to shoot film you can’t change the ISO in camera, the film itself has a specified ISO. Kodak Ektar is ISO 100 which makes the photos great quality but I wouldn’t recommend it for night shooting unless you have light modifiers, tripod etc. 

Kodak Ektar produces very low grain, if any. Due to the 100 ISO but it also has a way of capturing colour, if you look through the photos you can see that the colour is absolutely stunning, almost pastel-like.

Below are some photos I shot whilst road tripping around California.

Locations below: Torrance, Santa Monica Beach, San Pedro, Palm Springs, Desert Springs and Joshua Tree National Park.

Quick Tip:

If you are travelling a lot via planes, DO NOT put your film in checked luggage. Hand luggage is fine because the X-Rays used for hand-luggage isn’t as strong and won’t damage your film, but there is a limit… it has been proven that putting your film through airport X-Rays more than 5 times can damage exposed film. I usually ask the airport security to hand check my exposed film just as a safety precaution.

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Photos developed by Photo Express.

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